August 1, 2022 5:58 pm

Well deserved victory for Switzerland over Slovakia

Sunday, August 1 (Skopje, Sports Centre Jane Sandanski)


Suter 5, Emmenegger 5, Coker 4, – Kucsera 7, Bacenkova 6

Player of the match – Claire Hartz (Switzerland)

The match started with high intensity, as Swiss players received two suspensions in the opening three minutes of the game. Slovakia got to a 2-3 lead and started controlling the tempo and the result. Slovakia got a 5-7 seven lead, but Switzerland finally woke up and started playing much better. At 6-7 for Slovakia, the leading team missed a penalty, after which the Swiss turned the result around and got an 8-7 lead.

Switzerland had an 11-10 lead when Slovakia missed another penalty, with the Swiss controlling the result until the end of the half, and going into halftime with a two goal lead (14-12).

The second half was very interesting as well, s the Slovakian players refused to give up, keeping the goal difference between one and two goals. The result with 15 minutes to go was 19-18 for the Swiss team, when they started playing even better, scored three goals in just two minutes and got a big four goal lead (22-18). The Slovakian coach was forced to call a timeout, his team scored two goals just after his advices, but this wasn’t enough for Slovakia to turn the result around. Switzerland started another three goal run, getting a 25-20 lead and securing this victory (final result 29-24), first for the Swiss in this championship.

Jurgen Fleischmann (Coach Switzerland): We deserved the victory because we played a very good match. We were great in defense, oud goalkeeper made some fantastic saves. In the attack, we showed patience, waiting for a chance and then scoring goals. We have another match with Germany next, we must play on the same level in defense as today, but be even more stronger in the attack.

Robert Popluhar (Coach Slovakia): I am satisfied with the way we played defense today. Unfortunately, we weren’t as good in attack, we missed some penalties and open shots and that is what cost us the result today. However, I am proud of my team.