Sport Center “Jane Sandanski” – SKOPJE

Jane Sandanski Sports Center is the largest and most visited multifunctional sports center in the Republic of Macedonia, which offers a number of services.

It has a large and small hall. The big hall (Sports Arena) has a capacity of 6500 visitors and is made according to the standards for playing all basketball and handball matches. The most important competitions are held here, as well as many other cultural and entertainment events.

Part of the sports center are the tennis courts of the tennis club “Tennis Park” where you can train or recreate on four clay courts. The club offers training for all ages with top coaches.

It also has two courts for the new sport attraction paddle tennis, and one court for recreational badminton. Next to the tennis courts is the cafe-bar Tennis Park, located next to the quay of the river Vardar.

At the Cybex Fitness Center, where professional athletes train, recreational athletes can also receive the same programs. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machines and covers an area of ​​500m², with an additional space of 400m² where the programs from the aerobic center are held.

The Aerobics Center offers mix, cross-fit and step aerobics, clinical, classical and contemporary Pilates and the Insanity program. In addition to the adult program, there is a children’s program that offers children’s athletics, sports kindergarten and rhythmic gymnastics.

On the western part of the sports center is the playroom and cafe-bar “Bajka” with a beautiful view of the Park of the lakes.

Next to the playground are the sports shops of the Danish brand Hummel, and the fan shop of the women’s and men’s handball club, and the football club Vardar. As well as the sports shop and fan shop of the basketball club MZT Skopje Aerodrom.