August 7, 2022 4:36 pm

Montenegro is the first finalist in the President’s Cup

Sunday, August 07, at 17.00 (Skopje, Sports Centre Jane Sandanski 2):
Vukcevic 7, Micevski
6; Cernigoj 12, Zulic 4.

Montenegro is the first finalist in the President’s Cup at the IHF Women’s Youth (18) World Championship in Skopje, after they beat Slovenia in the first semi-final in the Balkan derby with 31-24.

The national team of Montenegro opened the game better and already after nine minutes reached the highest point plus three (5-2). The Montenegriаns continued with the excellent game that led to the 12th minute to reach plus four 7-3 for the first time, after which the head coach of Slovenia had to intervene by calling his first time-out. The time-out made no difference. The Slovenians continued to make mistakes, and Montenegro reached plus five just a minute later (8-3). By the end of the first part, the Montenegrins managed to keep the advantage and leave at the break with a plus five (17-12).

Montenegro controlled the game in the first part of the second half, and in the 44th minute, the SAVIC national team reached a plus seven 25-18 for the first time. Until the end, the Montenegrins only routinely brought the match to the finals 31-24 In the final of the President’s Cup, Montenegro expects the best of the match between Spain and the Faroe Islands.



Maja Savic, the head coach of Montenegrot:

Our goal was the final in the President’s cup. The difference between being among the best or below is thin. We have one defeat and one draw and we will fight for 17th place. Our approach is to go from sword to sword. As the match goes on, we play better and better. I expect another victory and to end the championship with a triumph.

Borut Hren, the head coach of Slovenia:

As expected, a physically difficult match. We couldn’t contain their one-on-one game. Montenegro’s goalkeeper was phenomenal and that was the main reason for our defeat. However, we move on and head up.