August 7, 2022 11:35 am

Impressive game for Guinea!

ALGERIA – GUINEA 17-41 (6-21)

Chebli 3, Yelles 2, Radja 2 – Yansane 8, Kouroma 7, Bangoura 7,

Uruguay remains the only team without a win at the IHF Women’s Youth (18) World Championship at Skopje, since Guinea won against Algeria (17-41) and will play for the 29th place versus India or Uruguay, while Algerians will try not to finish last-placed on the event at Skopje.

Guinea had a high-flying start, scoring four goals in a row and keeping Algeria goaless for more than seven minutes (0-4). Main figures on the court in Skopje were Bangoura, Yansane and Kouroma, who were shining and thanks to their goals, African selection had 5-15 with ten minutes remaining until the end of the first half.

In the last ten minutes of the first part of the match, Algeria again scored only once. Guinea used that and at the pause they had a huge-gap lead (6-21). It was hard psychically to bounce back from this shock for the Algerians, in the 40th minute it was 10-27 for Guineans. Big handicap for Algeria until the last minutes of the match was the absence of new injury of Douae Sahraoui because of injury.

PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Fatoumata Yansane (Guinea)

Statements after the match

Nadia Benzine (head coach, Algeria): „We lost this game, but this competition will serve us to gain experience for our next levels and upcoming events. Our young players honor their country, and I want to say – well done, girls“

Fatoumata Yansane (player of the match, Guinea): „I am very happy for the victory and I would like to thank to my teammates. We will continue to work to come back stronger one day. This victory makes us feel great!“

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