August 4, 2022 2:14 pm

Victory from free throw

Schreimbeierova 7, Mrzokova 6 – Cabana 8, Gull 4

Argentina and Czech Republic played a high intense and dynamic match. They chased each other on the court and chased each other on the scoreboard the whole match.
And no one can make a bigger difference than two goals. Czech team had more control in the second half and even managed to reach a 19-17 lead.

But Argentina quickly responded and equalized 19-19 before a minute break was asked by the Czech team. And it was all over again. Czech scored 21-19, and Argentina equalized with a goal from Sophia Gull, daughter of the world famous handballer Eric Gull. 

A Minute and a half before end, Argentina took the lead (25-24), Czech team equalized, both teams had one unsuccessful attack and finally Czech had a last attempt from free throw.., and they scored over the wall of Argentinian players.