July 31, 2022 3:45 pm

Second win for Islamic Republic of Iran, main round is reality!

Sunday, July 31 (Skopje, Sports Centre Boris Trajkovski)


Sira Kebe 7, Theresina Gomis 5. Fatemeh Merikhi 12, Negin Rahmani 7.

The match between Senegal and Islamic Republic of Iran was first of second round in Group B of Women’s Youth (U18) World Handball Championship 2022 that held in Skopje. After defeat yesterday, Senegal didn’t make it. Lost all chances to claim in the main round. There will go probably Islamic Republic of Iran. If North Macedonia win tonight, the questions will be of which position both countries will gore there. The players in white dresses got the game with 29-39 (13-19).

It was one more match without doubts. Islamic Republic of Iran make run of 5-0 and lead with 1-5 after five minutes. All goals were scored with fast breaks and good transition. Senegal didn’t give up, made a lot of mistakes, but managed to equalize (8-8) after 15 minutes of the game. Islamic Republic of Iran again make the deference, with new run, lead with plus six (13-19), this was the result after 30 minutes.

Picture stays the same, the players with white dresses dominate, defiantly It was an easy match for them. After eight minutes in the second half, the result was plus 10 (15-25). Senegal was motivated, but wasn’t enough, because they played against better team, who know how to use every chance.    

In the next round Senegal will play against Uzbekistan, Islamic Republic of Iran with North Macedonia, the home team. The booth games are on the program on second of august.

Player of the match – Fatemeh Merikh

Fatemeh Mohammadkhani (head coach of Islamic Republic of Iran) – This is history about our country, for the first time we participate on World Cup. We are going to give everything, the best of us to continue in this championship. I’m very proud and happy.