July 30, 2022 8:03 pm

Romania demonstrated strength at the start

Saturday, July 30, at 20.30 (Skopje, Sports Centre Jane Sandanski 2)

Romania – Guinea 39-27 (19-13)

Lixandroiu 8, Boiciuc 6, Mezei 6. Soumah 5, Kouroma 5, Bangoura 4.

The first day of Group E in Women’s Youth (u-18) World Handball Championship 2022, closed with the game between Romania and Guinea. Victory takes players in yellow dresses, they win with big plus 39-27 (19-13).

Romanian players dominant in the first eight minutes, with strong defense and effective attacks take early lead (6-2). On the other side, Guinea needed time to consolidate, after lot of mistakes, show good play, but very shortly. It was 9-7, when the Romanian players with superb attack make new run for six goal advantage (13-7). They jumped to an early lead (18-11) and never looked back. After 30 minutes the result was 19-13.

Romanian players have few fans on the stands, they came to Skopje to support them.

Nothing changed in the second half, the favorite continues with some style, fast attacks for 24-15 in 38 minutes of the game. Guinea didn’t have any chance to stop the opponent form getting the win in the first round. Romania lead with high 29-19.

In the next round Romania will play against Slovenia and Guinea will look for their first win against Netherlands. These matches are on scheduled on first of August.

Player of the matchLorena Alisia Boiciuc from Romania.


Aurelian Rosca (head coach of Romania) – It was first match, this is just the beginning. I hope it will be a long championship for us.