August 2, 2022 12:10 pm

Denmark advances to the next phase as a leader

DENMARK – PORTUGAL 33-25 (16-13)

With Johansen 9, Hansen 6, Scaglione 5 – Rebelo 8, Sequeira 7, Fernandes 2

One of the favorites for highest spot at the IHF Women’s Youth (18) World Championship at Skopje, Denmark, beat Portugal (33-25) in the European derby-match in the Group C and advances as a leader to the next phase. Three wins in three games is the balance of Danes who played three powerful matches in the capital city.

Even though Portugal has started the match good and had a lead (0-2), Denmark bounced back from that and with two goals in a row, from 4-4, went to 6-4, first two-goals lead on the match. The main difference between both teams was made when Danes scored five goals against helpless Portugal, for 13-7, that was biggest lead for the Scandinavian team on the match. Halftime ended with plus of three goals for Denmark (16-13), and even if Portugal with tactic „7 on 6“ got to one goal deficit (17-16), one of the favorites for the medal again scored four in a row (21-16) and kept that big gap until the end.

PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Anne With Johansen

Statements after the match

Anne With Johansen (player of the match, Denmark): „It was absolutely fantastic. We played very well together. We fought a lot and never gave up. When it gets difficult, we keep playing, and I think that is what makes us as a team. We always find a solution to bounce back from everything. Our goal is to win, we have a real good spirit to go all the way“

Luis Santos (head coach, Portugal): „It was a good match, but I think it should of have been more equal. We could been little close, because we did not play bad“