August 2, 2022 4:19 pm

Brazil step closer to the Main round

BRAZIL – URUGUAY 31-18 (13-12)

Rodrigues 6, Rosa 4 – Heilmann 4, Campos 3, Aguirre 3

Player of the match – Julia Rodrigues (Brazil)

Brazil won the South American clash with Uruguay but for a place in the main round they must wait for the outcome of the match between Czech Republic and Norway scheduled for later today. 

Uruguay with all three defeats finished in fourth place and will continue in placement matches. The Match between Brazil and Uruguay was interesting in terms of the result only in the first half. Uruguayan players played on the same level as Brazil and the difference at the end of the first half was only a goal.

The Second half was a different story. Brazil put some pressure and Uruguay could not follow. The gap became bigger and bigger and finally Brazil reached a goal difference that could bring them a spot in the Main round. 

Carla Antonucci (Head Coach Brazil) – In the first half we were nervous and made too many mistakes. Later in the match we were more relaxed and played better defense and reached the difference that is good for us. 

Daniel Punales (Uruguay) – We played well in the first half. But we could not follow the rhythym in the second and unfortunately the difference at the end was too big.