August 7, 2022 9:20 am

Argentina like a fury against Kazakhstan

Sunday, August 07, (Skopje, Sports Centre Jane Sandanski 2)

Kazakhstan – Argentina 18-30 (10-16)

Zhanerke Kuandykova 7, Yelena Berenda 3. Ailin Eugenia Cabana Hoeler 6, Martina Tajes 5, Azul Spinelli 5.

***Player of the match – Ailin Eugenia Cabana Hoeler from Argentina***

Argentina won the first battle for 25 placement on Women’s World Championship U18 in Skopje. This team was better from Kazakhstan with 18-30 (10-16).

Argentinian girls needed only 19 minutes to solve the name of winner in Sports Hall Boris Trajkovski 2. They jumped to an early lead and never look back. With fast attacks and good level of defense, favorite led with 4-11.

Kazakhstan makes a lot of technical mistakes, girls in yellow dresses can’t find the wright rhythm.  On the other side Argentina was punishing almost everything, quakily advantage to 5-15. Result on the brake was 10-16, after Kazakhstan made run 5-0.  

Nothing changed in the second half, the favorite continues with some style. Argentina in 42 minutes of game has plus 11 (13-24). This was second win in Skopje, after game with Uruguay, for the opponent it was fifth game without joy.

Kazakhstan will try to finished World Championship on 27 place and to write first win.


Martin Ricardo DUHAU: We are very happy for the win and with this level of play. Also we are happy for the girls performed today.