August 8, 2022 12:06 pm

25th place is for Argentina

ARGENTINA – SLOVAKIA  26-24 (14-12)
Player of the march:  CABANA HOELER Ailin Eugenia (Argentina)

Singing loudly with their hands in the air, Argentina celebrated 26-24 victory over Slovakia which brought them 25 place at the Youth World Championship. And they have good reasons. Today’s match was tough, Slovakia had a good team and little details prevailed. 

Argentina had 4-1, 8-4 lead, and 14-12 at the half time. Slovakia almost got them in the second half. At one point of the match Slovakian used the fast center as a main weapon and took control and led 20-18 after 45 minutes and it was time for a minute break. After time out Argentina scored six in a row and practically decided the winner. Slovakia had a chance to bring some drama at the finish, but their defense failed at the most important moment. 

DUHAU Martin Ricardo  (Argentina) – We are happy, we won a hard match against a good opponent. At the beginning of the Championship we had a difficult group but we played better and better and finished with this match. 

POPLUHÁR Róbert   (Slovakia) – It was a tough match but we had our chance to win. We missed clear shots in decesive moments.